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Guten Tag!

Many greetings from Munich, Germany. This week, work's stretching me pretty thin. Unfortunately this means no new 3MW newsletter this week. But don’t be sad! I’ll still leave you with nice content for you to enjoy. 👇️ 

Leverage AI with { tidychatmodels}

In particular, I’ll leave you with a bit of content that I’m hugely excited about. You see, everyone wants to play more with AI these days. But it’s a bit annoying that there are so many AI providers like openAI, Mistral, Anthropic etc. This makes it a bit tediuous to switch between them when you want to try out these AI models for text processing (as you’ll have to modify your API requests ever so slightly - check out my {httr2} guide if you want to know how).

And that’s exactly where my new tidychatmodels package comes in. Like the famous tidymodels package, my package tries to give you an easy and unified interface for different kinds of AI vendors. You can check out the GitHub page to get the package or - even better (if I may say so) - you can get a step-by-step intro into the package from yours truly.

So, if you’ve been meaning to try out some of the fancy AI stuff, then here’s your chance:

An intro to HTML & CSS with {htmltools}

And if you’re not into the AI stuff, then the WebDev4R series might be your thing. If you’ve been meaning to get a beginner friendly intro to the {htmltools} package, then today’s your chance. My new video does exactly that:

Next week, we’re back with a regular episode of 3MW. Promise! But in the meantime, I hope that you enjoy these video pieces 🙂 And as always, if you want to reach out to me, just reply to this mail or find me on LinkedIn.

See you next week,
Albert 👋

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